Peru 4.0 – Birds, beasts… and bananas!

We had a couple of hours to spare one afternoon, so we ooh’d and aah’d over the birds and beasts of Casa Shea… then roamed around the city on motokars, taking in the sights and sounds of Pucallpa…


Tom had recently acquired two baby pygmy marmoset monkeys and he was trying to get them to be a little less skittish and little more cuddly. We gladly obliged in whatever way we could!

We’re assuming this was Abuela. If it was Abuelo, he would’ve pecked Elizabeth’s eyeballs out.
I love these guys! If you’re familiar with my phone’s ringtone, these are the crazies you hear going berserk.
This is Blue. The resident macaw. He’s in the habit of hanging from the bars of his cage by his beak, with his claws pointing to the ground and his wings folded tight, resembling something like a Swedish torpedo.
He doesn’t like being picked up…
… but he’s OK when the shock wears off.

We were waiting for one more motokar to show up to take me and Peet, and then we could all head out.

Bananas and plantains are big business in Peru.
I’ve googled this guy repeatedly and can’t find out who, when, what or, most importantly, why. He’s huge. And he greets you with his shovel and machete along one of the main roads into and out of the city.

A common sight. Pucallpa’s roads leave a lot to be desired when it comes to a smooth black top.
People cook and/or sell food on the street everywhere.

I love this because it looks like the guy at the top of the sculpture is cussing under his breath as he gazes up at the red stop light above him!


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