Peru 4.0 – Lovely lovely Lima

One of our favorite places: Lima. More specifically, Miraflores. That’s not to say we don’t like other areas of the city… but Miraflores is where we stay each time, so we’ve come to love its cosmopolitanness (made up word?), its narrow streets with hand-polished sidewalks, its close proximity to the ocean, and the ability to walk everywhere.

I can’t believe I haven’t ever posted any Lima photos from previous trips!! Warning: they will be posted. Not sure when… but you have been warned. For now, check out the day we had there last month…


We’d lost the Boltons and Rosenblums by this point as they had some alpacas waiting for them in Cusco… and the Conlees had flown home already. But here’s the rest of the Lima gang.
Iglesia Virgen Milagrosa (also known as Miraflores Church), situated right next to Kennedy Park in the Miraflores district of Lima.

Another part of Miraflores Church.

We LOVE Kennedy Park (officially called Parque Central de Miraflores). Traditionally, it’s become known for its large population of cats that are looked after by locals… but the government has recently got rid of most of them, classing them as “pests”. But other things you’ll find there are safe street food (just ask Peet or John!)… an amphitheater that hosts poetry readings, local musicians or dancing every Friday, Saturday and Sunday… shoe shine services… endless people-watching opportunities… and regular art and craft sales. Here, Peet and Susan are taking their time admiring some paintings before joining the rest of us across the street for lunch.
The lovely Susan.
A local lady, spending her lunch hour in the dappled shade at the (currently deserted) amphitheater.
Robyn, John and Bill waiting for the rest of us to be done in one of our favorite stores in Miraflores: Choco Museo. You should google it!
This sums up the pace of life in Lima!
Oh, you know… just another wedding at the beach.
That’s Peet’s behindski, diving into the wave. You can just about see John already under, to the left.
The girls. Susan, Jenny, Ash and Robyn.

I have no idea.
We got a taxi up the zig-zag road to the top of the cliff. We’ve done the climb on foot before, and we won’t rush to do that again. This time we were trying to get up there in time to watch the sun set. But this pic gives you an idea of how Miraflores sits by the ocean. The city is built right on top of the cliffs and sprawls inland. We’re standing in the famous shopping mall (Larcomar) that offers several restaurants and bars with patios hanging over the cliff edge.

Crappy shot… but I wanted to show how people come out every night to simply watch the sun go down over the ocean. The shopping mall has created some great spaces to watch it all happen… and I’m sure they benefit greatly from everyone coming to their doorstep each night. It’s a win-win!!
Once again, we weren’t disappointed. This has become our farewell view of Lima each time we’ve visited. And it never. Gets. Old.
Reflections on the upper deck of the mall.


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